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One in five school children suffers from an undiagnosed eye condition

Children’s Eyes

Did you know that one in five school aged children is suffering from an undiagnosed eye condition?

As well as being an alarming statistic this is also an unnecessary one; children’s eye examinations are FREE.

‘But my child was screened at school/nursery’ is a common response.

However, the clue is in the words!

The schools and nurseries providing this service conduct a basic screening. This will highlight the obvious issues; more complex issues could possibly slip through the net. It is also as well to remember that it does not investigate the health of the eye.



Although most children have excellent sight, but for those who don’t, it is important that this is picked it up early. Your child won’t always tell you or even know if there is a problem so it’s important to get their vision checked, even if you don’t have any concerns.

Generally, by the age of eight their visual system is fairly set, however if we can assess children pre-eight we have a much better chance of rectifying the majority of issues.

We would like to start the eye care routine for your child from about 2 ½ – 3 years old as we need to ensure that your child’s eyes develop to their full potential and in doing so enable your child the optimum environment to learn and progress.


Lots of people are under the impression their youngster can’t have their eyes tested until they’re able to read; this is a myth!

A well-trained optician is able to examine the eyes of even the youngest children by performing a number of specially developed tests.

Regular eye tests are particularly vital for children and toddlers because their eyes can develop a number of vision problems that could last a lifetime if left undiagnosed, even though successful treatment is often quick and easy.

Even if they’re too young to read, optometrists can still learn a great deal about your child’s overall eye health and vision. Modern eye examinations test every aspect of a patient’s sight, not just their prescription strength.


Modern eye examinations test every aspect of a patient’s sight

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You should be aiming to get your child used to regular appointments and building up a good rapport with your opticians’ so that good eye care will be as normal as routine visits to the dentist.

If your child is diagnosed with a minor eye problem (such as a lazy eye or squint) it’s very likely that it can be completely rectified if it’s detected at an early age.

Therefore the sooner you can get things checked over the better!

You might think that the last thing your little one wants to do is sit in the opticians chair, but at L.A Hunter Optometrists we make sure it’s always fun. We do everything we can to make sure children don’t get bored from the moment they arrive.


Over the years our highly experienced Optician has developed a number of tricks to encourage even the most reluctant children to participate in their eye test. Using a number of interactive methods, your child can look forward to a fun and entertaining visit to their optician.

We like our young patients to have an enjoyable time and want to come back and see us again!

Should your little one need eyewear, they’re in for a treat. Not only is it possible to fit youngsters as young as 8 with contact lenses, we also stock a wide variety of eyewear to keep your child excited about correcting their vision. Lots of stocked frames are now very trendy and stylish.


The idea of ‘Geek Chic’ now appeals to many school children. Our Optometrist will happily help your child find the right pair of lenses that fit correctly and that also look good, so they will be proud to wear their glasses whilst benefiting health wise too.

We stock a large range of children’s spectacles which are free of charge with a valid NHS voucher (Terms and conditions apply). Some children may also be visually assessed at the hospital and be given a prescription from there, at LA Hunter Optometrist we are able to provide the necessary recommended corrective eyewear.

The Scottish government is so aware of the paramount importance of quality eye care that they provide free eye examinations for everybody, not just children.