Look your best in glasses,

Your spectacles make a statement about you and your style, possibly even more so than your clothes, after all they are sat on your nose for all to see!

Many spectacle wearers have only one pair, with an average life span of about two years. Spectacles are unlike any other item in your wardrobe, you wear them every day.

Sometimes you may feel that another pair is required, either for work, for a different activity or for a different look, special occasion or just to have a spare pair.

At L.A. Hunter Optometrists, we will help you find the ideal combination of frame and lenses. Our eyewear ranges are carefully selected to offer the best possible choice from great value budget styles to the latest designer brands


We also understand that normal wear and tear can affect appearance of your spectacles, therefore we stock a range of cords and chains, lens cleaners etc. to help maintain and protect your spectacles.

We are also able to change nose pads, and frame sides (if the fame is still supplied).

If the worst happens, like sitting on a frame, a like for like replacement can be supplied, subject to the frames availability.

We can re-glaze existing frames with your new prescription if you really love the frame you have or in some instances fit your existing lenses into new frames.

A wide range of both frames and lenses are available, including sunglasses and safety glasses.

Help With Cost

 If you meet the required criteria, there is the facility to provide help with spectacles under the NHS.

This comes in the form of a voucher, the value of which depends on your prescription.

This voucher can be used towards the cost of spectacles or contact lenses.

We provide the option of free spectacles for patients who qualify for a voucher.

Don`t forget, you can trade up and get a nicer frame but still get your lenses free.

Our staff will be able to give you advice on your entitlement and, in certain cases, can help you to find out what benefit you are in receipt of.