Sports Vision and Eye Protection

In everyday life we all think nothing about wearing the correct glasses or contact lenses to ensure our vision is the best it can be. When playing sports or taking part in leisure activities the same is true and what is good for one activity might not be the best thing for others.

You may be one of the many that doesn’t realise how much of an impact your eyewear has on your sporting performance. You may be a keen golfer, footballer or swimmer, but did you know that your sunspecs, glasses or goggles could actually enhance your performance?

There are a number of tints, filters and coatings can be applied to a wide range of eyewear in order to improve the wearer’s visual performance. For example, by applying a specialist tint to the lenses, a golf ball will really stand out on the green, and an anti-fog coating will prevent goggles from misting up, and so on.

In addition to tints and coatings, there are a number of different types of eyewear that can be used for particular sports and activities, most of which can also have a prescription applied to them. This means that no matter what your chosen sport, there is eyewear out there that could be your secret weapon.

At L.A Hunter Optometrists we can supply a variety of sports eyewear. If we don’t stock what you’re after, we can order it in for you. We are able to source our products from a range of suppliers that excel in providing optimum eyewear solutions for a variety of sports that are suitable for Adults & children.

Whether it’s  glasses for keen cyclists, sunglasses for summer afternoons on the fairway, reflective goggles for skiing in the Alps, or protective specs for football you’re after, why not discuss with us your requirements and we can advise the options available to you?


We can supply swimming goggles made to your prescription. Straightforward prescriptions are available “off the shelf” whilst stronger prescriptions are usually available to order.

People may not always think about protecting their eyes from damage and trauma, until something goes wrong and at this point it can be too late. We would recommend that you consider how you are protecting your eyes, as even seemingly simple every day activities including sport, gardening, DIY & many careers could have hidden hazards.

In many workplaces, employers ensure their employees have adequate eye protection and we accept most forms supplied by work for safety eyewear.

For those who are self employed , it may be that sometimes you overlook the safety of your eyes, we can offer single vision, bifocal and varifocal prescription lenses in CR39, Polycarbonate or Toughened Glass frames are available in plastic or metal with protective side shields and you can be reassured that they will perform correctly and fully conform to British Standards.