You would be forgiven for wondering why we bother to stock sunglasses in this part of the world! However protection through eyewear is of paramount importance during those sunny days for both adults and children alike.

UV light has the same damaging effects on your eyes as it does your skin. UV light is the sole cause of the common cataract and it also contributes to other eye conditions such as Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  UV exposure can cause premature ageing of the eye in the same way that it causes aging of the skin.

It is therefore vital to have a pair of sunglasses with full UV protection to wear all year round; UV light is much more damaging in winter compared to summer. This is due to the sun being lower and if we are subjected to snow, this causes double the amount of UV light through reflection.

The same consideration is given to our sunglass dispensing as it is to our ophthalmic selection process.

Essentially, how good do you want to look when the sun shines?

Sunglasses are dispensed differently to an ophthalmic frame and lens as they are expected to cover a larger surface area, ensuring maximum protection. There is no point to sunglasses that lets sunlight flood in over the top, for whilst they may look okay, the protection afforded through ill-fitting or inappropriate design can be a harmful mistake. Whilst style is important, the protection offered by the frame and importantly the lens is even more critical.

In addition to some of the best known brands around, we stock frames which can be used without prescription lenses. If you enjoy the benefits of using varifocal lenses for everyday use, these lenses can also be provided in sunglasses allowing you read in comfort on holiday.

Finally, do not forget the children! The developing, softer tissues of a children’s eyes are even more susceptible to UV damage than adults. You already smoother them in sunscreen without a second thought, insist on a sunhat but have you remembered their sunglasses? So when the sun comes out, make sure they are protected as well as you.

UV Protection

  • As we ordinarily can’t see UV light, it is easy to forget that it is there, but to the eye, ultra-violet (UV) radiation is a dangerous component inflicting cumulative damage.
  • UV radiation can be divided into three categories, each having different effects upon the eye: UVC, UVB & UVA.
  • UVC is filtered by the Ozone layer and doesn’t reach Earth so we don’t need to worry about that one. Both UVA and UVB, however, penetrate the atmosphere and play an important role in many conditions such as premature skin aging, eye damage (including cataracts), and skin cancers.
  • UVB is absorbed by the eye’s cornea and crystalline lens, exposure to this type of UV causes long term damage. UVA radiation is not absorbed and is able to penetrate through to the back of the eye making this the most harmful type of UV.
  • UV protection is very important, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, in sunny climes or are at high altitude or in snow. After all you can’t put suncream on your eyes.
  • Special lens materials, tints and coatings can be applied to your spectacle lenses to reduce or eliminate harmful radiation, speak to Linda for recommendations on how to best protect you and your family’s eyes from UV.